In a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), community involvement dictates the forward motion of the organization through governance proposals. These requests can often relate to protocol development but can be more abstract to such contexts of remuneration, economic strategizing or accelerating funding of public goods.

The Tornado Cash community facilitates discourse for governance and more through the following portals, everyone is welcome:

For more information see the section on Governance.

How to get involved?

Tornado Cash was sanctioned by the US Treasury on 08/08/2022, making it illegal for US citizens to interact with the core and governance contracts. Please understand the laws in your jurisdiction.

Join the community on one or more of the social portals and start seeking where you can help make a difference, active areas of assistence required are:

  • development, from frontend and tooling to smart contracts
  • auditing, security reviews of frontend interfaces or smart contracts
  • advocates, of privacy and distributed tooling to provide community assistance and coordinate creation of public goods
  • authors to improve protocol education and documentation

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